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25 July 2009 @ 11:14 pm
kiss the baby sky  



Name: Younghee
Age: 16
List of 3 applications you’ve voted on:
1. Mirotic~
2. i love my best friend
3. i ♥ my best friend! XD


Likes: music, dance, crappy reality television (lol idk why >>;), red, sleeping, piano, plushies, photoshop/graphics, chibis, motorcycles, coffee, pixar, video games, shopping
Dislikes: the concept of orphanages and hospitals and nursing homes (meaning it's really sad to see those people and i kind of cry when i do ;___;), anti-fans, real life drama, bugs, that weird shade of yellow
Strengths: uhm...i like talking to people and helping them sort out their problems. and i learn things really fast.
Weaknesses: i'm really clingy to certain individuals. D: and a little vain.
Hobbies: writing, reading, playing piano, dancing, im-ing, photoshop-ing stuff, sleeping, playing badminton, watching independent films
Talents: writing, designing

Favorite quote, why? "that's what they told me in vietnam and i still got shot in the ass fulla lead." uhm...idk. my brother was watching the taking of pelham 123 and that was the only thing i heard. XD so now it's the line i use when people tell me to do stuff for my own good.
Favorite food: korean pan-fried noodles
Favorite color: red, anything neon
Favorite music genre: k-pop, j-rock, classical

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions? Why?: i want to pass the sm auditions, be an sm trainee, and become a singer. but if that doesn't work out, i'm gonna go be a pharmacist, live in seattle, and write novels in my free time. :D

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? i'd like to be more independent and motivated to do what i have to do.
If you could change something about the world, what would it be? no more sad, lonely people and no more sad, crazy people.

Your personality in 5 words or less: happy, clumsy, creative, stubborn, romantic

please elaborate~

Mature or Immature? immature. people are always telling me to grow up and i'm always like "noooooo. you grow up first. see how you like it." XD
Outgoing or Shy? outgoing. i got over my fifteen year shy phase.
Confident or Modest? confident. my friends say, "you're ridiculous" and i say, "ly adorable!" /bricked. but i just don't see the point in not liking yourself. :D
Optimistic or Pessimistic? optimistic. 'cos there's always a bright side and it's blinding me.
Impulsive or Cautious? impulsive. i always make plans or restrictions and then break them. :\ it's kind of terrible.
Leader or Follower? lately, i've been a leader. :D but i don't think i'm reliable enough to be one.
Reserved or Eccentric? eccentric. i like taking things to a new level (of fail).
Touchy feely or not? touchy feely. :D squish me~
High, medium or low energy? very very high energy, like the energizer bunny. it's just keeps going.


If you could be a TVXQ member for a day, who would you be? Why? junsu. i would love to wake up, put on nothing but jeans, look in the mirror, and say "damn, i am fine." plus, then i would have an amazing voice, rubber-band dancing skills, get to hang all over everybody, have weird habits, and be "innocent."

Favorite member? Why? (Spazz/Fangirl or boy about him~!) yunho. because the guy volunteers (not so) secretly at orphanages during his vacation, wants twenty million kids, has the most heartwarming smile ever, and might be the sweetest thing alive. he might also be the only person on Earth who doesn't know how to be evil. and his clothes. man knows how to dress.

Least favorite member? Why? (Please be considerate, your least favourite might be someone's else most favourite) changmin. uhm...i dunno. he doesn't really catch my eye sometimes.

What is your favourite TVXQ pairing? Why? yoosu. because i love how when one of them laughs, they immediately start hugging the nearest person (which happens to be each other). and because they know each other so well, yoochun can tell it's junsu tripping down the stairs and not jaejoong.

If you could meet TVXQ, what would you do? i would love to hug junsu. :D he looks so cuddly. it'd also be nice to go out for drinks/food/noraebang with them.

If you were a TVXQ member, what would the other members mean to you? my life. my soul. everything.

It's a Friday night, you've got the time, you've got the money, what would you be doing? the only thing that can be done: flying to korea and becoming a superstar. /cough. actually, shopping.
You're walking along the street when someone you don't know calls your name. What happens next? "OMG HIIIIII~ IT'S BEEN FOREVER..ER, WAIT WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? O.O" i probably just forgot them and they're not actually a stranger.
You've been called to act in a drama. Who would be your other characters? What sort of drama would it be? Why? one of those heartbreaking dramas where you know the main person is going to die/not exist/etc. but it's all happy until the truth hits you between the eyes. i'd love to act with yoochun. ;]


Any suggestions for this community or for questions? nope. :]
Any Theme suggestions? not at the moment. sorry. ):
Anything else:
suffering from caffeine underdose.: FICCY: TOFUsacryde on August 1st, 2009 10:26 am (UTC)
i definitely say junsu as well!